Company Profile

Deveng Africa Consulting is an international consulting group, founded in 2006, offering engineering and project management services in Civil, Geotechnical, Infrastructural, Structural, Transportation, Project Management and Construction Services.

Each technical discipline is managed by a team of professionals working together to ensure projects are designed with the highest standards and completed on time and within budget.

Deveng Africa is a company that focuses on our clients’ requirements, developing close working relationships and understanding their specific projects environment with respect to the current global perspectives. The company’s close-knit team environment enhances the provision of innovative ideas and sustainable engineering solutions to the benefit of our clients. Deveng Africa Consulting has grown in leaps and bounds since its establishment in 2006 in diversity and capacity with an average of 50years collective experience in each of the disciplines being offered as professional engineering services provider. The company has offices in various locations within South Africa and in Nigeria.

In addition, our commitment to remaining abreast of the latest civil engineering technology applications and project management trends allow Deveng Africa Consulting to offer clients the most flexible and innovative solutions, along with the cost-efficient methodologies. 

Our strength lies in the expertise that we possess being a close-knit firm. We are able to pay more attention to our clients’ need and detail. We are also able to work well within rural communities and are very sensitive to the dynamics of the communities within which we work. 

DEVENG AFRICA CONSULTING is a registered member practice with the Consulting   Engineers South Africa (CESA) since 2009.